A J-Kidd Fan Gives Back

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One Jason Kidd fan has separated herself from the pack.

Michelle Anne, also known as @kiddme2 on Twitter, is the winner of the Jason Kidd Foundation Casino Night Fundraiser, bringing in $1,311 to help fund children’s education. Tonight, she’ll be joining Jason at the event itself in Dallas, Texas.

A little more about Michelle:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I love sports (basketball being my passion) and my idea of a real vacation is VEGAS! (Haha.) I’m currently retired (due to health reasons). Even though I grew up in Akron Ohio, I’ve lived in Los Angeles over the last 20 years and consider it home. I owned a promotion/marketing company specalizing in fan base development in the music industry for several years. In fact, I was working with BuzzTone/Immortal Records when Jason was involved with the Basketball’s Best Kept Secrets CD and that’s where our path first crossed.

Q: How long have you been a fan of Jason’s, and what is it about him that made you a fan of his?

A: I’ve been a fan of JKidd’s almost 17 years.  I was working in the music industry and got invited to a record release party at Jerry’s Deli in Beverly Hills, Sept. 1994.  I went to meet Shaq (who didn’t show up), but instead "met" Jason.  We didn’t actually talk (he was center of attention with Gary Payton and I was much to shy to put myself into that spotlight), but I spent a couple hours enjoying their laughter. I loved the energy he put out and found myself  thinking, ‘I need to watch this young point guard".  Once I saw him play, I was hooked (and, as they say, the rest is history).

Q: How long have you known about the Jason Kidd Foundation, and what do you think about the things it’s doing to help children?

A: I’ve known about the Jason Kidd Foundation since it’s inception back in the early days, but it hasn’t always been easy to follow all the wonderful projects the Foundation has been involved in (especially since I’ve never lived in a city where a Jason has played so I’ve gotten the news in off ways.  Since Jason has been back with the Mavs organization, there’s been a lot more press.  I love that Jason feels the responsibility he does toward sharing his good fortune with less fortunate individuals.  We all know it takes more than skills and hard work to become of super star status. There’s also a tiny bit of luck involved. Recognizing his ability to share his "luck" with children (who might never get the opportunities without his help) is one of the many things that makes Jason Kidd special to me.

Q: As the winner of Jason’s Casino Night fundraising contest, you get to go to Dallas for the event. What’s the thing you’re looking forward to most?

A: Honestly?  Meeting Jason in a real face to face situation and getting the chance to thank him for all the great years of basketball enjoyment.  Sometimes our lives hit lows and it’s been a wonderful thing to always know I can watch Jason play.. and that makes me smile.  He’s my happy thought. (Haha — omg, I’m a Hallmark card).