This Week in Kiddstory: All-Star Weekend

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Jason Kidd's illustrious career provided many memorable moments in regular season and postseason action, but J-Kidd was also a must-watch player during NBA All-Star Weekend, where his crafty passes, tight handle and deep range was on full display throughout his nine appearances in the NBA's annual showcase. J-Kidd [...]

This Day in Kiddstory: 2-8-96

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It didn't take long into Jason Kidd's brilliant NBA career, for No. 5 to show just how special he was. On Feb. 8, 1996, just halfway through his second NBA season, a young J-Kidd dazzled Mavericks fans with an incredible performance, highlighted by a career-high in assists that would stand for [...]

J-Kidd Joins NBA TV Crew

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Just over a year removed from his last game on the sidelines with the Milwaukee Bucks, Jason Kidd was in studio on Monday night for NBA TV’s Gametime Pregame show. It just so happened that the two teams going head-to-head were the two teams Jason has coached, the Bucks and [...]

This Week In Kiddstory: 1-30-96

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By January 1996, Jason Kidd had already shown that he was capable of being a star in the NBA. At this point J-Kidd had already won Co-Rookie of the Year honors the year prior and he was just weeks away from his first of 10 NBA All-Star appearances. However, on [...]

This Week in Kiddstory: 1-23-03

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During this week 16 years ago, Jason Kidd delivered one of the most prolific scoring performances of his Hall-of-Fame career, dropping 41 points as a member of the New Jersey Nets against the Golden State Warriors. J-Kidd scored from everywhere on the court shooting over 57 percent from the floor, [...]

Kidd Enters Hoop Hall

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Friday night was a special one for Jason Kidd, as he was officially enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Alongside some of the greatest players of his era, including former teammate Steve Nash, co-Rookie of the Year Grant Hill, and Ray Allen, J-Kidd took his rightful place among [...]

Mr. USA Basketball

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When he is inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame next month, Jason Kidd will mostly be celebrated for his college contributions and stellar NBA career. But his pristine performance for USA Basketball — a perfect 56-0 — simply can't be ignored. Over the course of the last two [...]

60 Days of Summer in Springfield

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In just over a month, Jason Kidd will take his rightful place in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame alongside the all-time greats of the game. But there is plenty to be done before induction day, so Jason recently took a summer trip up to Springfield so a special [...]

J-Kidd Gets Hall Pass

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Jason Kidd is officially bound for Springfield and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Since he was named to the ballot, Jason's induction has been nothing short of a foregone conclusion, one of the greatest ever to play the point guard position has long been a first-ballot lock. The official [...]

You Have to Work

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It’s been an odd year for former NBA player and coach Jason Kidd. A student of the game of basketball, who played it from his youth through college and 19 professional seasons before jumping right into coaching just days after retirement, J-Kidd is currently on the longest hoops hiatus of [...]