As with any new coaching situation, after Jason Kidd joined Frank Vogel’s coaching staff with the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, there was much speculation about how the two would get along.

Meshing coaching philosophies and personalities can often be a challenge at such a high level, but J-Kidd and Coach Vogel have started off strong in Los Angeles.

Vogel says that they have hit it off, and Kidd helps provide a different perspective based on their varied experience.

“I’ve gotten really comfortable with Jason. What I would say is every assistant coach in the NBA wants to be head coach. Jason’s no different in that regard. It was brought to my attention that they had an interest in bringing him on as an assistant. We had a great talk and a great interview, and he’s in a terrific place. The thing about Jason that kept me to have an open mind immediately is that the lead assistant role on my staff, I’ve always tried to fill with a former player, a former respected player that has coaching experience,” Vogel said.

Vogel also noted how they’re actually a great combination. Vogel’s long-tenured coaching career, mixed with J-Kidd’s extensive playing career, could be a perfect match to lead the Lakers back to prominence.

Vogel began his career as the video coordinator for the Boston Celtics, was promoted to assistant coach, and moved on to become an assistant for both the 76ers and Indiana Pacers before being hired as the head coach of the Pacers. Vogel was the head coach of the Pacers for five years and was very successful during his time there.

Kidd on the other hand, played 19 seasons and has served as the head coach for both the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks in the few years since his retirement. At the end of his career, Kidd also had the opportunity to win a championship with the Mavericks and help the Knicks get to the playoffs.

Vogel says he prefers an assistant coach that can give him a better perspective of what the players go through.

“Those guys to me have always been the right complement to me, someone who has a strong background in terms of preparation and doing the video work,” Vogel said. “So I felt like those types of guys are perfect complements to me, and Jason may be the best of the bunch. A Hall of Fame player, really just a fierce, fierce competitor, someone that can really bring teeth to my message with our team, and so I saw great potential in Jason.”